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The Brief

Symantec approached us with these requests:

  1. They wanted to do better on social media. They were already doing the basics sensibly – but they were not making massive waves; especially in crucial new markets.
  2. They wanted to increase awareness of their enterprise mobile device management offering. Symantec are very well known for enterprise security, and Norton Anti Virus on the consumer side of their business, but they wanted to raise awareness that they were knowledgable and trusted voices in the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) sector.
  3. They wanted to raise awareness via three distinct routes to market: 1) positive digital PR coverage, 2) discussions on social media platforms, and 3) improvements in Google positioning for terms relevant to consumers researching products within this key market.

What We Did

We needed  to create something that got cut-through in a massively competitive sector. Every competitor had brochure copy, press releases, white papers, and long-winded blog posts. That’s not to say these are not important, of course they are – but to get seen you have to stand out.

We created a piece of “branded utility” – In this case, a visually appealing infographic that actually made BYOD policies understandable to anyone. Nobody had done this previously. The information was out there – but not in a form that was socially shareable or enjoyable.


Creating a BYOD policy infographic

Download the full PDF Here


  • Number one positioning for “Create BYOD Policy” – a crucial term in the mobile device management space
  • Ranked in the ‘top news’ for Twitter searches for term “BYOD” at the time of the campaign
  • Trended in the Computer Software section of LinkedIn that had 330,000 subscribers when we were featured
  • Front page coverage on massive tech publications such as, who attract 5 million page views per month. As well as being featured on other leading publications such as CMSWire and AppsTechNews.
  • The content continues to attract additional links over time; reinforcing their top position in Google.
  • Ensured Symantec are synonymous with the BYOD IT Trend

Symantec hired Render Positive to improve our brand presence in several key new markets. Their answer was to create strategic, useful content that could go viral. Despite covering very niche IT topics they have succeeded in this endeavour and surpassed our expectations, giving us important and timely brand recognition. They are a creative team but ground their work in extensive research and premarketing to ensure their ideas have a fantastic success rate.

Diane De Jongh, EMEA Social Media Manager, Symantec

Here's how we did it!


Process for Success

Getting the process right is vital. We “premarket” content – meaning we ask key journalists and bloggers if our ideas are actually something they’d publish before we start production. Sometimes they even make the ideas better. It’s win-win-win.

In this case, we had enough positive responses from key journalists to know the campaign would get coverage and succeed due to coverage on large, relevant technology publications.



Our top team of researchers, copyrighters, and designers collaborated with Symantec’s experts, so we could be sure that the finished piece would include valuable and accurate information, as well as looking gorgeous.

Taking advantage of Symantec’s knowledge and insight meant that we could create something really unique.


Organic Seeding

We then let all key influencers know the content was live.

From here, further publications we hadn’t even reached out to also covered the graphic. The piece continues to be shared and linked to to this day. This explains why the infographic still ranks top for “Create BYOD Policy” in Google.

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