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How Business Influenced the Brexit Vote

By Dipak | 7th Jul 2016

There probably hasn’t been a more divisive issue in recent times than Britain’s vote for Brexit. The decision has rived both Conservative and Labour parties, with mass resignations all around. The strength of sterling has fallen amidst uncertainty concerning the UK’s leadership, and many are worried about the impact of Brexit upon their jobs, businesses, […]

Jamie Lenman

Muscle Memory: The Objectivity of Good Advertising

By Asher | 23rd Nov 2015

A while ago I went to have a chat with the inimitable Jamie Lenman, the cross-genre musical troubadour and former frontman of Aldershot three-piece alt-rock triumvirate Reuben, about a load of stuff that generally interested me and probably didn’t interest anyone else. Alas, one of the main points discussed was Lenman’s take on the “alt-rock Racecar […]

The Problem with Brand Guidelines

By Jon | 5th Jan 2015

Where Some Of Us Are From a digital marketers perspective, brand guidelines frequently make our lives difficult. Within the disciplines of content marketing and social media, standing out succeeds. However, to stand out you frequently have to be controversial, humorous or entertaining. We know how to do this, and creative agencies have been doing it for decades. […]

Do You Have SEO Stockholm Syndrome?

By Jon | 17th Dec 2014

Many of the changes recommended by SEO agencies are there to provide an excuse for lack of results. I am not saying there are not technical issues that will affect a site’s success in Google. That would be ridiculous. However, many agencies hide behind gigantic audit documents filled with advice that, while technically correct, is […]

Facebook for Business

Business Guide to Facebook

By Tess | 6th May 2014

Facebook may have begun as a small-scale operation for connecting American college students, but it has grown into a huge social network that connects millions of users worldwide. It has also become an incredibly accommodating platform for businesses everywhere. We have taken the liberty of putting together a handy infographic guide to using Facebook as […]

My influences in life and business

By Jon | 26th Nov 2013

Who are my influences? This is a good question. I feel I’ve had a varied tapestry of influences that have turned me into the character I am and as an extension of that the type of businessman I’ve become. I’m not going to include any family or friends on this list because they’ve all influenced me and they know who […]

YouTube’s New Comments Section and You

By Bree | 22nd Nov 2013

“Let’s add each other on Google+!” said no one, ever… Until now. “Fuck you, Google+”, says content creator Emma Blackery and so does a majority of her audience. Since Google bought YouTube back in late 2006, it has attracted around 1 billion unique users each month. It’s pretty safe to say that most people are […]

SearchLove London 2013

By Tess | 13th Nov 2013

SearchLove – a two day conference masterminded by Distilled – sees industry experts share their insights into all-things online marketing in London, Boston, and San Diego. Lucky enough to attend the London show, team Render were greeted by the charming bowler hat wearing staff at the venue that is The Brewery. Day One The first day’s proceedings […]

Marketing and Grammar: The Importance of Good Copywriting

By Asher | 6th Sep 2013

I was always good at English at school. I preferred English Literature to English Language, mind – there was always something infinitely better about reading Eliot’s Waste Land and picking it to bits before writing my own messed up poetry (which kind of led to my writing for ska-punk powerhouse Lead Shot Hazard). I always […]

Internet Killed the TV Star

By Render Positive | 20th Aug 2013

Ofcom seem pretty proud of themselves claiming that ‘91% of adults watch their main TV once a week’. In fact they go further to suppose that with the increase in mobile devices ‘teens’ are being brought out of their bedrooms and plunked ‘back into the family room’. Am I the only person that seems confused […]

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