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Jack Bremer

Render Positive Interviews Jack Bremer

By Jon | 24th Jun 2016

Finally, I got Jack on the podcast. I’ve known Jack and his brother Alex for over 6 years. They run an agency called 3b Digital and they’re currently on a massive winning streak which is really exciting. I’ll always remember when I quit my job to start Render Positive, they couldn’t have been more supportive – […]

Danny Denhard, Render Positive

Render Positive Interviews Danny Denhard (for a second time!)

By Jon | 18th May 2016

Danny Denhard joined us again to give his views on content marketing, Instagram, Snapchat, and a range of other topics. This is a great podcast for anyone really wanting to get to learn great content and social media principles and advice. Danny is an expert in his field, and we were so happy to have him on […]

Charlie Price

Render Positive Interviews Charlie Price

By Bree | 12th May 2016

In this podcast we interview Charlie Price, a very interesting 19-year-old who runs his own copywriting agency as well as being a kitesurfing adrenaline junkie. This podcast is one of my favourites, as we end up interviewing each other. He’s achieved a lot in a short amount of time and we talk about everything from how he’s […]

Rory Sutherland thumbnail

Render Positive Interviews Rory Sutherland (again!)

By Han | 15th Apr 2016

We had the pleasure of interviewing Rory at Ogilvy’s new offices, and he was as entertaining and interesting as ever, covering a massive wealth of topics from e-cigs to his work at Ogilvy Change. If you work in advertising or marketing, you owe it to yourself to check this out. Have a listen here: (Download)  

Phil Smy

Render Positive Interviews Phil Smy

By Jon | 5th Apr 2016

I found Phil Smy though his wonderful YouTube channel where he has videos on Peter Drucker’s teachings and a wealth of book reviews I’ve found really useful. Phil has lived and done business in his native Canada, the United States, the UK, Germany, Spain and now resides in Japan. He’s an interesting guy: we chat about […]

Jeremy Angel

Render Positive Interviews Jeremy Angel

By Jon | 2nd Mar 2016

In this episode, I interview Jeremy Angel, who’s been a client of mine since 2009. Have a listen here: (Download)   Jeremy just moved from running to the film and costume department of the business. It’s a huge change, and one which he’s diving right into. We discuss this development, as well as the current […]

Kyle Racki

Render Positive Interviews Kyle Racki

By Jon | 23rd Jan 2016

We’ve finally put live our first ever audio podcast, enabling us to talk to wonderfully talented people across the globe. Have a listen here: (Download) On this podcast, I talk with Kyle Racki of Proposify (an awesome piece of web software to help streamline creating gorgeous sales proposals), located in Nova Scotia, Canada. Kyle and Kevin […]

Render Positive Interviews Ben Pritchard

By Bree | 25th Aug 2015

In this, our sixth episode of Positive Chats, Gary Buchan talks to independent internet professional, Ben Pritchard. Ben talks to us about his life as a freelancer and how he manages his time whilst doing this. As well as giving tips on how to network and meet new clients, he recommends vital online tools for other […]

Mike Pegg on Positive Chats

Render Positive Interviews Mike Pegg

By Jon | 23rd Jul 2015

On this episode of Positive Chats, Jon spoke with long time mentor and strengths coach, Mike Pegg. Mike is an expert about creating super teams and getting people to work to their strengths. He is a fascinating character and has a wealth of knowledge that can help anyone in their endeavours. This is a fascinating […]

Gemma MacNaught

Render Positive Interviews Gemma MacNaught

By Bree | 12th Jun 2015

In this, our fourth episode of Positive Chats, we interview Gemma MacNaught who is a UX (User Experience) and Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategist. With Gemma, we discuss the art (and science) behind CRO, what this actually means, why it is necessary to test the user experience of your website to determine how users interact, and […]

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