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Are Emojis the New Keywords?

By Dipak | 21st Jul 2016

Companies are now using emoticons and emoji in their campaigns like never before. Want a pizza? Simply tweet a pizza emoji to the Domino’s Twitter account, and one will be on its way. Brands can now even target adverts according to what emoji people are using on a social channels. Is this strange? Perhaps, but in many […]

Instagram Reaches 500m Monthly Users

Instagram Reaches 500m Monthly Users

By Tess | 14th Jul 2016

For any social networking platform, reaching 500 million monthly active users (MAU) is a major milestone. For Instagram, there are 300 million daily active users (DAU) uploading around 95 million pictures. At just a little under six years old, Instagram surpassed Twitter’s numbers (320 MAU) in late 2014. The year before, Instagram grew by 23%, […]

Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business

By Bree | 7th Jan 2016

Instagram is a photo app which people do not necessarily associate with business. However, there are 400 million monthly active users, with more than 75 million daily users, a lot of who are highly motivated to buy. Instagram for business must not be ignored and here I will show you how to acquire new followers and […]

Facebook reviews

Customer Reviews on Social Media

By Tess | 10th Jul 2015

If you market your company’s products or services online, there’s a very high chance your company will have a social media presence. Social Media Examiner’s most recent industry report found that the vast majority (97%) of marketers participate in social media marketing, with 92% of them indicating that social media is important for their business. With so many […]

Oscars Selfie

Twitter Video Marketing for your Business

By Tess | 1st Jul 2015

In an increasingly digital world brands are competing for attention online, and the realm of social media is certainly no exception. Continually perfecting their ultimate social media formula in a bid to win engagement from potential consumers, brands have precisely calculated the best time of day to post to each platform, configured the ultimate text to […]

Facebook for Business

Business Guide to Facebook

By Tess | 6th May 2014

Facebook may have begun as a small-scale operation for connecting American college students, but it has grown into a huge social network that connects millions of users worldwide. It has also become an incredibly accommodating platform for businesses everywhere. We have taken the liberty of putting together a handy infographic guide to using Facebook as […]

Four Ways Brands can Appeal to Millennials on Social Media

By Han | 23rd Dec 2013

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are broadly defined as those born from the early ’80s to the early ’00s. Three quarters of the tech-savvy 16-24 year-old subset spend longer than ten hours online every week, and almost all use Facebook (97%), which is the most popular network for brand interaction for the vast majority. […]

Tips for businesses using social media

Business Guide to Twitter

By Tess | 29th Nov 2013

Twitter, the social media and microblogging platform, now has over 500 million registered users worldwide. Whilst personal users of the platform are able to connect with friends, celebrities, communities, and brands they love, businesses are using networks to become bigger and attract new customers, whilst competing on equal terms as bigger businesses on the same […]

Unsociable Influencers

By Asher | 15th Feb 2013

Everyone has some interest in someone else’s life. Whether it’s the tiny amount that made you meet up for drinks with a friend, or the kind of interest that makes reality television and gossip magazines popular; chances are, in amongst the hustle and bustle of work, play and somewhere in the between, you’re going to […]

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