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Inbound & Content Marketing Breakfast Seminar

By Tess | 18th Apr 2016 | Posted in Events

Thanks to UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, a global cloud based agency specialising strategy, brand, communications, and pretty much all things digital marketing, I attended the Inbound & Content Marketing Breakfast Seminar on Thursday 14th April. They weren’t kidding about the breakfast part either: when I arrived on the crisp and sunny Spring morning at the Nordic Light Hotel in central Stockholm, I was greeted by a generous content-inental breakfast of fresh fruits, smoothies, pastries, and sandwiches. That made the 7.45am start far more tolerable.


The event was hosted by
Jonathan Bean, Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at Mynewsdesk. After a quick introduction, Jonathan invited the first speaker to the stand: Julian Stubbs, Founder & CEO at UP.



Inbound Marketing

Julian gave a great introduction to what inbound marketing is, explaining how (sadly) the times of Don Draper have passed. The move away from traditional outbound marketing, à la Mad Men, is a result of the internet and in particular social media. The fact that everybody now has equal opportunity to have their voice heard online has moved the shift of power away from the seller to the buyer. To regain some of that power, brands are having to employ new techniques to attract audiences, like running a regularly updated blog. Effectively, this is making us all publishers.

“We’re all publishers now”

Inbound Content MarketingPersona Marketing

Next up was Robert England PhD – Lead at UP For Life. Robert highlighted the importance of knowing exactly who you are marketing to from the outset. In order to do this, Robert strongly recommended creating marketing personas for your brand or specific products: fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers. Who do you want to attract, and what do those people have in common? Once you’ve established this, you can work out where to market to them, what kind of language to use, what kind of content they will respond to, and so on. Marketing this way to a closely targeted audience means your content is seen by people who genuinely want to see it, and saves you wasting budget.

Inbound Content MarketingContent Promotion

Up next was Martin Adonis, Head of Inbound, Content & Digital Marketing at UP, who spoke about content promotion – that’s to say, how to connect with your audience. Drawing on his experience from working at Google, Martin highlighted key ways to make sure your content is appealing and visible to your target audience:

  • Make yourself visible through SEO. Use search volume data, competition insight, and CPC to make sure you’re creating content around topics that people are searching for, and that can get you on to page one of SERPs.
  • Create content around keywords, but make sure you understand the intent behind the search term. This helps to ensure you actually address and answer the user’s query.
  • Optimise your content and page around one keyword. This includes the page title, meta description, url, image descriptions, etc.

The content you produce will most likely meet your audience on social media. To ensure you meet your relevant audience on social media, he have the following best practices for publishing:

  • Inbound Content MarketingOptimise your social media profiles
  • Create a social media style guide
  • Customise your content for each channel
  • Share relevant industry content
  • Publish on a consistent basis

To assess the success of a piece of content, Martin emphasised the importance of measuring, following up, and improving. Goal metrics should be established, ROI calculated, and the results should be checked at least once per week.

Anders Westholm, Inbound & Content Marketing Strategist at UP, wrapped things up and brought the event to a close.

All in all it was a fantastic event. Thoroughly knowledgeable speakers giving first class talks on a jolly interesting topic. Thanks to all!

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