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You have a website… let’s get you some traffic!

Another SEO agency – that’s just what the world needed, right?

Search is important. If you can’t be found in Google, then there is little point in having that awesome looking website with fantastic content, products, and services.

What won’t we do? We won’t provide you with hundred-page documents detailing unnecessary legwork for your already annoyed and hectic developers and marketing people to work on.

We will give you the critical advice you need to make more money right away.

We’ll help you by doing what we do best, with your assistance and guidance, to meet your aims.

And then we’ll help you to prioritise what can wait until later and what needs to be done now. No fluff, no bother.

Our specialists can work their digital marketing magic for you in many different ways, including:

We do all of these things very well – and we enjoy doing it, too.

Technical SEO

We need to get all the nitty gritty bits right. We need to ensure your site can actually be read by search engines (yes, this still happens), your site actually uses keywords people search for – and that your site isn’t under any horrible penalties.

In the first month, you get a full audit showing you where you stand – and what needs to be fixed. We will prioritise every recommendation to ensure if your developers are needed, they are working on changes that will make a positive difference.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is absolutely essential to any SEO campaign. Without it, you cannot naturally build links and increase your ranking.

Whilst creativity is important, process is absolutely vital. We have mastered a process for content that guarantees success.

We Offer Content Marketing That Matters!

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Reporting and Analysis

Are you ranking better than you were before you hired us?

Has your traffic increased?

Have conversions increased?

Make sure you’re making a wise investment with our reporting and analysis.

View our case studies to find out what makes us so awesome!

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Channel 4

Render Positive are a truly professional and inspiring outfit to work with. They provided us invaluable insight and pertinent solutions & strategies. With a strong input into the research and development of the product, they helped deliver something we’re all really proud of.

Channel 4

Diane De Jongh, EMEA Social Media Manager, Symantec

Symantec hired Render Positive to improve our brand presence in several key new markets. Their answer was to create strategic, useful content that could go viral. Despite covering very niche IT topics they have succeeded in this endeavour and surpassed our expectations, giving us important and timely brand recognition. They are a creative team but ground their work in extensive research and premarketing to ensure their ideas have a fantastic success rate.

Diane De Jongh, EMEA Social Media Manager, Symantec

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Paul Staden, Marketing Director, Sofa Workshop

Since Render Positive started marketing for us we’ve been delighted with the results. They don’t apply a one-hat-fits-all approach but tackle our specific needs creatively. We are in an extremely competitive environment but thanks to Render Positive we’re holding our own. Always pro-active, happy to work with our other providers, and they always offer intelligent responses to our requests.

Paul Staden, Marketing Director, Sofa Workshop

Check out the case study

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Jon Buchan
Hannah Brown
Jenny Longmuir
Tess Bowles
Lee Buchan
Asher Baker
Bree Van Zyl
Sam Reynolds
Aida Staskeviciute
Laura Reddington
Dipak Hemraj
Jess Collett
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Gary Buchan
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Jon Buchan Chief Executive Officer
07949 283 785
Hannah Brown Creative Yet Technical Manager
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Jenny Longmuir Content Marketing Editor
Tess Bowles Social Media & Content Marketing Manager
Lee Buchan SEO and Social Media Executive
Asher Baker SEO & PPC Manager (and Lord)
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Bree Van Zyl Video Productionista
Sam Reynolds Copywriter
Aida Staskeviciute Graphic Designer
Laura Reddington Copywriter
Dipak Hemraj All Rounder
Jess Collett Copywriter
Gemma MacNaught Head of UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation
Laila Khan Head of PR
Gary Buchan Managing Director
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James Hackney Client Services Manager
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Stuart Lawrence Chief Technical Officer
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