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Twitter Video Marketing for your Business

By Tess | 1st Jul 2015 | Posted in Social Media

In an increasingly digital world brands are competing for attention online, and the realm of social media is certainly no exception. Continually perfecting their ultimate social media formula in a bid to win engagement from potential consumers, brands have precisely calculated the best time of day to post to each platform, configured the ultimate text to image ratio, gauged the ideal number of characters in a tweet, and honed hashtags into an art form. But while social media platforms continue to evolve with regular new features, this is an ongoing science.

The Importance of Visual Media in Social

So how do brands stand out and engage with audiences in this highly coiffed haze of social messaging? There are many ways in which businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. One key way is by using rich media. Rich media in social media includes an image or series of images, videos, GIFs, links… the list goes on! Basically any addition to a basic text message, creating a ‘richer’ experience for the user.

That’s to say, less like this text only treat from Ed Balls:


And more like…

Ellen DeGeneres’ unforgettable group selfie from the Oscars:


or Samsung’s informative GIF:


or Bud Light’s effort:


Not only do visuals, especially videos, communicate a message much faster, but on a platform such as Twitter where characters are restricted, the ability to attach other visual media is invaluable.

The addition of visual content to social media has seen incredible results; brands have reported that photos are liked twice as much as text only, and videos are shared a whopping 12 times more than links and text posts combined!


Twitter’s New Video Autoplay Feature

This is where Twitter’s latest feature comes in. Similar to Facebook, native videos, GIFs, and Vines will now automatically play. The new video autoplay feature has rolled out to timelines and across Twitter on iOS and web, with Android following soon. As per autoplay on other social media sites, when a user scrolls through their timeline and sees a video, the video will begin to automatically play muted. If a user clicks on the video, the user is brought into the full-screen viewer with sound playing.

The autoplay feature works with both organic (unpaid) tweets, and (paid) Twitter Ads. Twitter Ads’ audience targeting tool makes getting your video viewed by the ‘right’ audience straightforward. Another particularly attractive feature for advertisers is that they are only charged for a video view. Unlike other video marketing platforms, a view on Twitter is only chargeable when a video is 100% in-view on the user’s device, and has been watched for at least 3 seconds. If a video is not 100% in-view, an advertiser won’t be charged.

According to David Regan, Senior Product Manager at Twitter, the results look very promising; “During the autoplay tests we ran, we saw people engaging with videos in this new format at a much higher rate, and our brand and publishing partners saw improved view rates. All of this resulted in lower cost-per-views for marketers and increased video recall by consumers.”


How to Take Advantage of Twitter’s Autoplay Feature

Incredibly simple, with no need for any text or sound, Mountain Dew created this series of GIFs which use Twitter’s autoplay feature to great effect to tell a story:

Obviously not all brands can be so playful with video, but the principles remain; shareable content, whether informative, useful, funny, shocking, inspiring, or rage-inducing is highly digestible in video format. So if you can’t be daft or adventurous, consider turning the FAQs from your website into short, simple videos. This will be useful to your audience, and content that people will keep coming back to – perfect for social media.


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