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Instagram Reaches 500m Monthly Users

Instagram Reaches 500m Monthly Users

By Tess | 14th Jul 2016

For any social networking platform, reaching 500 million monthly active users (MAU) is a major milestone. For Instagram, there are 300 million daily active users (DAU) uploading around 95 million pictures. At just a little under six years old, Instagram surpassed Twitter’s numbers (320 MAU) in late 2014. The year before, Instagram grew by 23%, […]

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Quickies: Instagram Business Profiles

By Tess | 12th Jul 2016

Instagram has announced it will be launching a series of tools aimed at helping businesses using the platform. The series of tools being introduced include Instagram business profiles, insights, and the ability to promote ads. Instagram Business Profiles Switching your Instagram profile over to a business profile is free of charge, and will enable you […]

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Quickies: Make the Most of Twitter’s Character Limit Changes

By Tess | 5th Jul 2016

Twitter has recently made some changes to the platform’s character limits. Media attachments no longer take up character space, and @usernames in replies are also not counted. Twitter has also gotten rid of the need for a full-stop for followers of a particular reply.

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Quickies: How to Use Snapchat Filters

By Tess | 28th Jun 2016

Similar to Instagram filters, Snapchat also lets users add filters to an image. In addition to the Instagram-esque colour filters, there are also Snapchat filters that add the time, temperature, and speed to Snaps. Geofilters Snapchat also offers Geofilters: filters that are only available in a specific place such as a city, festival, or sports […]

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Quickies: Reorder Pinterest Boards

By Tess | 7th Jun 2016

The social media platform Pinterest allows users to “pin” or bookmark images, videos and more to a pinboard, allowing you to curate and share the content you love the most. People typically create different boards for different topics, so pins relating to one topic can be found together. A user’s profile shows all of the (public) boards […]

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Quickies: Posting Links on Instagram

By Tess | 17th May 2016

Instagram doesn’t allow users to add clickable hyperlinks to photos or comments. However, with a bit of a workaround, there are ways of posting links on Instagram. Read on to find out how!

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Quickies: 60 Second Instagram Videos

By Tess | 3rd May 2016

Whether you are an advertiser or a private social media user, you can now make longer Instagram videos. Instagram announced at the end of March 2016 that iOS and Android users could now create 60 second Instagram videos. Furthermore, iOS users can also now make videos out of multiple clips from the camera roll, to […]

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Quickies: How to Get Unlimited Snapchat Filters!

By Bree | 19th Apr 2016

Snapchat is a mobile messaging app that you can use to share videos and photos with text or drawings over them. You can send personal messages to certain friends or post a status for everyone to see for 24 hours only. In the app there are multiple daily selfie lenses (fancy puking a rainbow, looking like […]

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Quickies: How to Check the Best Time to Post to Instagram

By Tess | 5th Apr 2016

Knowing when to post to Instagram can greatly increase the engagement your post receives. Both the time of day, and the day of the week affects the engagement you receive.

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Quickies: How to Use Emoji on Desktop Web (Without Copy and Paste)

By Laila | 29th Mar 2016

Ever wondered how you go about writing emoji quickly and easily on desktop web? I mostly copy and paste emoji from sites such as or, but there is an easier way for both Mac and Windows users.

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