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Are Emojis the New Keywords?

By Dipak | 21st Jul 2016

Companies are now using emoticons and emoji in their campaigns like never before. Want a pizza? Simply tweet a pizza emoji to the Domino’s Twitter account, and one will be on its way. Brands can now even target adverts according to what emoji people are using on a social channels. Is this strange? Perhaps, but in many […]

Instagram Reaches 500m Monthly Users

Instagram Reaches 500m Monthly Users

By Tess | 14th Jul 2016

For any social networking platform, reaching 500 million monthly active users (MAU) is a major milestone. For Instagram, there are 300 million daily active users (DAU) uploading around 95 million pictures. At just a little under six years old, Instagram surpassed Twitter’s numbers (320 MAU) in late 2014. The year before, Instagram grew by 23%, […]

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Quickies: Instagram Business Profiles

By Tess | 12th Jul 2016

Instagram has announced it will be launching a series of tools aimed at helping businesses using the platform. The series of tools being introduced include Instagram business profiles, insights, and the ability to promote ads. Instagram Business Profiles Switching your Instagram profile over to a business profile is free of charge, and will enable you […]

How Business Influenced the Brexit Vote

By Dipak | 7th Jul 2016

There probably hasn’t been a more divisive issue in recent times than Britain’s vote for Brexit. The decision has rived both Conservative and Labour parties, with mass resignations all around. The strength of sterling has fallen amidst uncertainty concerning the UK’s leadership, and many are worried about the impact of Brexit upon their jobs, businesses, […]

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Quickies: Make the Most of Twitter’s Character Limit Changes

By Tess | 5th Jul 2016

Twitter has recently made some changes to the platform’s character limits. Media attachments no longer take up character space, and @usernames in replies are also not counted. Twitter has also gotten rid of the need for a full-stop for followers of a particular reply.

The Babel fish

Bullshit Detectors and Babel Fish: The Coolest Uses for Google’s New AI

By Dipak | 30th Jun 2016

As anyone who likes to spend their time reading research blogs knows, Google have recently made their TensorFlow-based parser, SyntaxNet, open source. SyntaxNet is, for the moment, the world’s most accurate natural language parser. The version that parses the English language is quite excellently named Parsey McParseface. It is trained to analyse English text, and […]

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Quickies: How to Use Snapchat Filters

By Tess | 28th Jun 2016

Similar to Instagram filters, Snapchat also lets users add filters to an image. In addition to the Instagram-esque colour filters, there are also Snapchat filters that add the time, temperature, and speed to Snaps. Geofilters Snapchat also offers Geofilters: filters that are only available in a specific place such as a city, festival, or sports […]

Jack Bremer

Render Positive Interviews Jack Bremer

By Jon | 24th Jun 2016

Finally, I got Jack on the podcast. I’ve known Jack and his brother Alex for over 6 years. They run an agency called 3b Digital and they’re currently on a massive winning streak which is really exciting. I’ll always remember when I quit my job to start Render Positive, they couldn’t have been more supportive – […]

Black hat SEO meme

12 Black Hat Techniques That Can Be Used For Good

By Dipak | 23rd Jun 2016

Any digital marketer worth their salt knows that white hat SEO is really the only way to go. However, black hat techniques can be a great way of learning how the internet works. There are also some techniques that black hatters use which could be used for white hat purposes. Using these slightly dodgy methods […]

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Quickies: The Difference Between a JPG and a PNG (and a GIF)

By Han | 21st Jun 2016

All images are one of a few different file types. The most common that you’ll find on the web are JPG, PNG, and GIF. (And in case you were wondering, there is no difference between a JPG and a JPEG!)

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